The App Orchard is a mom and pop software shop operated by Meg and Kenny Smith in Evanston, Illinois.

The company grew out of the economic recession on a day when Kenny, who had been recently laid off, said to Meg, “Honey, how’d you like to start a software company?” Meg, who was occupied cooking one of her amazing meals replied, “What’s that dear? Um, yeah... sure.” The next day Kenny designed a nifty logo and they were in business.

After contemplating the hiring of legions of offshore programmers and tech support personnel, the two decided that a smaller, more handcrafted approach was to their liking. A few days later they hosted a Twelfth Night party in which friend Bill Cochran arrived brimming with ideas for fascinating, newfangled iPhone apps. Hands were shaken and backs were slapped. A few months later their first product, Bon Mot!, emerged from Kenny’s laptop ready to take its place in the iTunes App Store.

With various projects in development, times are busy at The App Orchard. Ideas for new iPhone apps seem to literally sprout out of the woodwork. Meg and Kenny continue trying to devise a filing system to store all the crazy ideas.


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