Bon Mot Demo Video

Watch and listen as Bill explains Bon Mot and demonstrates the uncanny unscrambling skills that have earned him the title of “Supreme Bonmeister” here at The App Orchard.

For more Bon Mot videos check out the CochranAudio channel at YouTube.

Bon Mot Tips & Techniques

Clear the sky

Double tap the sky to automatically clean up all the letters. Each tile zooms into place at the top of the screen.

Get a new set of letters

Double tap again to replace the current tiles with a new set of letters.

Drag more than one letter at a time

Speed things up by using two fingers at a time. If you're an octopus, drag all seven letters at once with a tentacle to spare!

Drag an entire word

Do you find yourself running out of space at the edge of the screen when building a word? Fear not! Drag sideways to move an entire word.

Double tap a word to score it

In addition to tapping the score button, you can double tap the word itself to chalk up its score. Go ahead, give it a try.

Why isn’t my score in the Hall of Fame?

Make sure you have Publish High Scores turned on in the Bon Mot preferences and that you enter some text in the “Name or Initials” field when the game ends. You'll need an Internet connection at the time of your high score for it to be sent to the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is updated once a day, so it may take a little while before you see your score.

Whoa... the bouncing tiles are making me dizzy

No sweat. Turn off the bouncing tiles and drifting clouds by turning on Green Mode in the Bon Mot preferences.